Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. Thailand Branch บริษัท มิตซุย สุมิโตโม อินชัวรันซ์ จำกัด สาขาประเทศไทย

Motor Insurance

Third Party Liability Protection 

Any loss or damage that happened to the third party, which the insured shall be responsible for damage to life, body or health and property. 

Lost and Fire Protection
- Lost vehicle, accessories, car’s equipment or the accessories which is installed from the manufacturer, and also the customized accessories which the insured has informed the company to expand the coverage.
- Fire means the damage to the insured car that leads to a result of fire, which may cause by itself or a result from other causes.

Vehicle Damage Protection 
Vehicle damage that incurs during insurance period or renewal period. The car’s equipment or the accessories which are installed from the manufacturer are included, but do not include the damages that causes by fire.

Medical Expense Protection ​
Medical expense, medical service expense, surgery expense, and others related medical expense that was advanced by the insurer  

Bail Bond Protection ​
The company shall acquire the consent from the insured in order to bail the insured in the case that the accident causes detention in a criminal case.

Motor Insurance Brochure


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