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Guidance of Claims Notification

Contact Information

For any Claim Notification or Enquiry, please make your contact to the Non-Marine Claims Department (Property & Casualty) at:

Telephone: 0 2679 6165        
Fax:   0 2679 6299
(Monday – Friday during 8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. except public holidays)

Property & Casualty Operational Claims Team  

Name +66 (0) 2679 6165 Ext.   
  6409, 6406, 6413, 6407, 6403, 6412  

Claims Procedure

  • 1. Immediately notify the Company when the loss &/or damage did occur by phone, fax and/or e-mail to the above personnel.
  • 2. Take necessary action to minimize &/or mitigate further loss.
  • 3. In case of property lost &/or damaged by any Third Party, please report the incident to the local police station for record & further investigation. Obtain a copy of such police report duly signed/certified and submit to the Company together with your claim documents.
  • 4. Preserve the damaged property for the Company’s inspection.
  • 5. Taking photographs of the damaged to substantiate the claim proceeding.
  • 6. To cooperate with the assigned loss adjuster for the loss inspection and assessment.

Documents to support Claim Procedure

  • 1. Claim Notification Letter by the Insured
  • 2. Copies of I.D. Card and the House Registration of the Insured
  • 3. Quotation or Receipt of Repair/Replacement of the lost/damaged property.
  • 4. Photographs of the damaged property
  • 5. Copy of the Police Report (in case of any police reporting)
  • 6. Paper of the Third Party’s admitted liability (in case of any damage caused by &/or arising from the Third Party)

  Payment of Claims

  • The Company will settle the claim indemnification within 15 working days upon receipt of all relevant claim documentation from, and, the complete & signed Loss Acceptance Form by the Insured.
Remark: The above captioned guidance is a mere & initial general practice for the Insured.  Consideration of the claim compensation is subject to the terms & conditions of the insurance contract of each type.   The Company may ask for more additional information and related documents to support further consideration.


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